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Medicare: Child Dental Benefits Scheme

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) covers part or the full cost of some oral health services for eligible children. Eligible children can access up to $1,026 for basic dental services over 2 calendar years.

Our service is bulk billing for eligible children

How do I find out if my child is
eligible for the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Sche
me (CDBS)?

You don’t need to apply or register for CDBS.
If your child is eligible Medicare will send you a letter.


Your child can get CDBS when all of the following applies:

  • they’re eligible for Medicare

  • they’re between 0 and 17 years old for at least one day that calendar year

  • you or they get a Services Australia eligible payment at least once that calendar year.

You can be either the child’s:

  • parent or guardian

  • approved care organisation.

You can also contact Medicare on 132 011 or check your Medicare online account.

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