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Building oral health capacity

We are mouth care practitioners who are here to help clients with their oral hygiene. We provide support to people to improve their oral hygiene at home - where it matters most.

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Dr Carol Tran and Leigh Harrison-Barry

Leigh and Carol are two experienced oral health therapists (also known as a dental hygienist/therapist, AHPRA registered).


Our point of difference is that we are mobile. We are able to travel to people’s homes to provide a one on one care or education in a group setting. We can individually adapt oral health education in a fun, supportive and kind manner.  

Some of our services include

Oral Hygiene Education

Empower your daily oral care routine with professional guidance and tips. We make oral hygiene education engaging and effective.

Sensory Profile Building

Understanding sensory issues is key. We craft unique profiles to ensure comfortable and effective oral care experiences.

NDIS Support

Tailored oral health support for NDIS participants. Enhancing the quality of life with specialized in-home care and guidance.

Functional Oral Health Improvement

We focus on holistic improvement. Elevate oral health with strategies that blend function and wellness.

Dental Phobia Assistance

Overcoming dental anxiety is a journey. We're here every step of the way, offering compassionate strategies and solutions.

Carer Training

Enhancing care quality with specialized training for carers. Equipping them with essential skills for optimal oral care.

Brushing Teeth

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